Monday, 17 February 2014

Hadassah - Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

A quick Hadassah update:
Firstly we were told today that the Anglo-Saxon (ie English) term for the process we are in would be Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.
The deal is that the court appointed executors can impose deals for 3 months on the workers, management and creditors.
After 3 months there are three possible outcomes:
1) everyone agrees to a deal to save Hadassah
2) the Chapter 11 is extended
3) full breakup or bankruptcy of Hadassah. Effectively all the staff lose our jobs and can be Re-employed if the new management chooses and with any terms they choose.

The Chapter 11 was introduced when the hospital could no longer even buy good or basic medicines for her inpatients. Things were pretty desperate.

We are hoping to receive an advance on next months salary I'm the next few days (it is illegal to give us the second half of our January salaries under Chapter 11 terms). That won't be our full salary.
There are however some conditions we are demanding before we give up the strike. These include:
Adequate medical liability insurance cover.
Payment to the Palestinian doctors (they are paid separately and have done even worse than us)
Continued recruitment of trainees as needed.
Plus done other small points.

When the strike will end is still unclear

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